Western Media Madness: Part 2

Crackdowns exist only in Western media headlines
UN HRC reaction to the USA pulling out in 2018 — they haven’t returned
Not sure most of the world outside the USA would agree this this… If it’s worth fighting for, is it worth dying for?
Photo from news.cgtn.com: Beijing’s new airport
Photo from Newsgd.com: Guangzhou’s airport
If someone can explain how curing cancer is going too fast, I’ll be grateful
How does this imagemake a normal reader feel?
2022 Version
Historical reference, or plagiarism?
Sourced from: https://www.azquotes.com/author/5626-Joseph_Goebbels
Source unknown, this collage is doing the twitter rounds and is frighteningly accurate



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Jerry Grey

Jerry Grey

I’m British born Australian living in Guangdong and have an MA in Cross Cultural Change Management. I write mostly positively about my China experiences