The Human Side of China’s Poverty Alleviation

Cave homes I saw in 2014 were no longer occupied in 2019
Evidence of new buildings replacing the older buildings, and some of the caves in Ningxia
A short distance from the old cave homes we find these new dwellings, note also the condition of the roads. in 2014 these were dirt track, or very poorly maintained concrete roads. In 2019, this tarmac with a hard shoulder was much more common
Chinese readers will immediately recognise the message here. Strive to be a model work hard to be the best. Commonly seen all through the regions where poverty alleviation is in place
This was our hotel and it’s listed on AirBnB too
No matter how large or small your community is, there’s a good chance there’s an office like this very nearby
A few years ago, there would have been a dirt track into this village, deliveries and pick up by truck would have been virtually impossible
The amazing benefits of targeting poverty alleviation can be seen at the chicken farm. The new house is still under construction but the family have now moved out of the dangerous old home and into the ground floor of the new one



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Jerry Grey

Jerry Grey


I’m British born Australian living in Guangdong and have an MA in Cross Cultural Change Management. I write mostly positively about my China experiences